CVMD partners with BOOT for 3rd annual Military Appreciation Night

Photo credit Clovis Veterans Memorial District

September 18, 2023 – At Clovis’ Old Town Farmers Market held on September 15th, the Clovis Veterans Memorial District was present alongside members of the American military including the U.S. Army, the Marines, and the U.S. Air Force.

The groups present at the Farmers Market were appreciated for their time spent in service in addition to being present to talk with the public and advertise themselves according to CVMD CEO Lorenzo Rios.

CVMD CEO Lorenzo Rios with Vaughan Miller Rios (Photo credit Clovis Veterans Memorial District)

“Sometimes our [military] is overlooked and I think our community misses how much of a treasure is found here…A lot of folks don’t realize how many remarkable gifts are found in the Central Valley.”

Rios related this to the local vendors at the Farmers Market themselves and how they too can be overlooked when it comes to local consideration.

“This is a place where you can pick up some great strawberries and all of the wonderful vegetables and get to learn of resources that benefit perhaps a family member.”

He then went on to relate how leaders of the Farmers Market in B.O.O.T (Business Organization of Old Town) connected easily with the CVMD when trying to set this portion of the Farmers Market up three years ago.

“It’s a part of the values of Old Town, they believe in the values..when we shared the idea, they were excited to say ‘Yes, how do we do this.’”

Finally, the CEO remarked, “On Military Appreciation Night not only do we get to say thank you to our military members, we get to know who our neighbors are.”

Rios then stated that the one thing missing is the public’s perception of Military Appreciation Night.

Photo credit Clovis Veterans Memorial District

“We’d love to hear what folks think about it, we’d love to hear what we’re missing!”

One thing not missing was the public’s participation as crowds of onlookers, buyers, and vendors alike lined Pollasky Street and walked down its two driving lanes. Military Appreciation Night will have its fourth year of involvement with the Farmers Market next year.

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