CUSD’s $335M Measure A Bond Likely to Pass

The votes are reeling in. It’s not yet confirmed that Measure A has passed, but the way the numbers are rising, it will not be long. A 55 percent increase will determine the outcome.

By a slight margin with 59 percent (49,726) on Yes, and 41 percent (33,971) on No.

“Last night’s results showing community support of Measure A are a vote of hope and confidence in our community’s future. We won’t be assured of success until Fresno County has more results posted, but the results are encouraging. I am so grateful to every citizen who cast a yes vote for Measure A. Their willingness to invest in our local schools will make the difference for our students now and into the future,” says Eimear O’Farrell, Superintendent of CUSD.

Measure A is a $335 million bond that is said not to raise property taxes.

The bond will be used in its entirety for CUSD schools. A portion will be utilized to upgrade older campuses and the start of the construction of the new Terry Bradley Education Center.

The new construction of schools is essential to CUSD due to the immense overcrowding.

“Passage of Measure A allows us to make needed health and safety updates to every school, maintain our older schools, and build new schools to meet the demands of growing enrollment. Clovis Unified has a strong history of responsible management of bond funds, timely completion of all projects, and accountability to our local community. I am proud to continue that history, as we will move immediately forward to deliver on our Measure A commitments if these results hold,” says O’Farrell.

It will also provide safety measures such as; auto-door lock, heating, ventilation, and upgrade air conditioning, plastic shields within schools to avoid contact during COVID-19.

“I want to also thank the campaign volunteers who worked tirelessly to raise awareness in their neighborhoods and encourage support of Measure A. They are heroes for our students,” says O’Farrell.

Tori Lavon is a Multimedia Journalist from Reedley, California. She received her Bachelor's in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcasting from California State University, Fresno. Currently, she is a radio intern at One Putt Broadcasting. On occasion, Tori has the opportunity to be on-air with talent. She is getting her start in media. She has a passion for reporting, photography, and videography. Tori also has a love for art; she loves to draw, paint, and does pottery on the side. One day she hopes she can be on-air talent at a radio station as well.