CUSD Superintendent Dr. Eimear O’Brien Attends Final Board Meeting

Photo Clovis Unified School District

June 16, 2023 – At the final school board meeting of CUSD’s school year, a special portion was held at the end in order to commemorate Dr. Eimear O’Brien on the final school board meeting of her career at CUSD.

The Superintendent of CUSD for six years, O’Brien began as a teacher at Maple Creek Elementary in 1996.

Hailing from Ireland, O’Brien made the decision to retire at the beginning of the spring semester upon learning that she would need to move back to Ireland in order to care for her mother’s health.

The school board including Tiffany Stoker-Madsen expressed their feelings towards O’Brien at the end of their final meeting together.

“You were patient with me as a new board member. I came in not knowing much at all…You do your best to educate us and you’re really patient with us.”

Board Member Hugh Awtrey stated, “You’ve raised a very high bar…You were a great superintendent to work with, the one-on-one’s and learning how things work [within the district], I just feel the job you do on that, is important.”

Dr. Stephen Fogg expressed, “I know without a doubt that you were placed in this school district at this time for a very difficult time that we went through. I know and I was there, I saw the decision making, I saw the inspiration that you were given. I know you’re a woman of faith and that you put a lot into that, and I think that our district benefitted from that and I don’t know how to say it any other way than ‘Thank you’.”

“I feel like in this time that we’ve served together I’ve gotten the opportunity to know you, and I’m so thankful,” said Yoland Moore.

She then stated, “I know sometimes we could be rough but you were always so supportive of me and this board and just our district. And like everyone’s said, just navigating us through times that no one’s ever had to navigate through.”

Dr. Eimear O’Brien finished the meeting with a few comments herself stating, “Having been selected to serve this team has just been the most humbling and most amazing experience of my life. I’ll always treasure the opportunity and I’ll always be thinking of all of the battles and things we went through.”

“I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported me and helped me in my role over the last few years and become great friends on the board and on my team.”

Dr. Corrine Folmer will take over as the next Superintendent of CUSD starting on July 1st.

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