CUSD reveals Hirayama Elementary logo; honors ‘Fibber’ Hirayama

One of the future logos for the “Hirayama Heat”, the newest elementary school coming to Clovis Unified in 2024. (Photo provided courtesy of CUSD)

July 24, 2023 – At the July 10th CUSD school board meeting, the future name and logo for the new Hirayama Elementary School was revealed in front of the late and honorable “Fibber” Hirayama’s family.

Hirayama Elementary will be recognized as the Hirayama “Heat”, with a logo that identifies itself to its school. The Hirayama Heat will finish construction and be established officially in 2024, on the corners of Fowler and McKinley.

Laura Reynolds, Principal of Hirayama Elementary, was as excited to reveal their logo as she was to be honoring the family members of Fibber Hirayama who were present at the school board meeting.

These family members included sons of Hirayama, Brian and Kevin, who spoke about their father at the insistence of board member Dr. Stephen Fogg.

“Our father was a man that received many honors and awards for numerous accomplishments, but I would have to say, naming the elementary school after him, he would consider that was the greatest award/accomplishment of his life…Thank you very much on behalf of our family, this is just unbelievable.”

A tee-shirt was also presented and given to board members with the Hirayama Heat logos on the backs and it was revealed that backstops and dirt is being broken out at the school site.

The resolution, read by board member Clint Olivier stated, “Whereas Mr. Satoshi ‘Fibber’ Hiravama left a legacy that demonstrates the values of living life with curiosity, wisdom, humor and devotion to others, and whereas that legacy will serve as a model for students attending the District’s 35 elementary school opening it 2024 at Fowler and McKinley avenues. Now, therefore be it determined that Satoshi ‘Fibber’ Hirayama be honored as the namesake of Clovis Unified School District’s 35th elementary school with the mascot of ‘The Heat’ and the school colors of red, white and gold.”

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