CUSD Board Meeting 10/18

November 2, 2023 – At the CUSD Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Corrine Folmer spoke about National Print Day which took place on October 24th.

On this day, CUSD honored the eight members of the graphic arts department of CUSD. Known as the “Print Shop”, there was an annual “Haunted House” held on October 27th in which the team also presented their 17,000 “scan back” jobs totaling over 3.5 million impressions.

Dr. Folmer also relayed that teacher Dr. Kelly Eichman was nominated as a finalist for the State Teacher of the Year award program.

Board President David DeFrank then motioned for the meeting to move towards the fifth and last public hearing on the new board districts that will take place in the coming future elections. No public comments were made during this portion of the meeting.

DeFrank then proclaimed November 13th-17th as School Psychology Awareness week, and commended those serving as school psychologists for serving in their role.

After a few moments spent on council comments, President David DeFrank dismissed the meeting and the school board, missing members Hugh Awtrey and Deena Combs-Flores went on their way.

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