Clyde Prickett inducted into Clovis Motorsports Hall of Fame

Clyde Prickett is the newest member of the Clovis Legends of Motorsports Hall of Fame. DANIEL LEON/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

Former NASCAR K&N Pro driver and hardtop champion Clyde Prickett was inducted into the Clovis Legends of Motorsports Hall of Fame over the weekend.

“It’s a great honor to be part of this. They usually wait until you’ve passed away, and that’s no fun,” Prickett said.

Prickett’s driving career spanned from 1949-1972. His career highlights include a NASCAR modified state championship in 1955, and a runner-up finish in the national race.

“It was re-clarified that he actually built his first race car when he was 16 years old but he wasn’t old enough to drive it, so his brother drove it,” said Russ Prickett, Clyde’s son.

Prickett is also part of the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame, an honor he received in June.

“It’s been amazing,” said Russ of his father’s honors. “The people are so great in the racing family and in the racing community. It’s been very gratifying to see my father be part of the events, the awards and the friendships.”

“Smokey” Hanoian was also inducted during the ceremony.