Clovis Unified’s Growth Sparks Boundary Revisions

May 31, 2024  — The Clovis Unified School District (CUSD) has achieved a significant milestone, becoming the 12th largest public school district in California. This leap forward, as reported by the California Department of Education’s annual enrollment report, underscores the district’s robust growth and enduring appeal.

With over 43,000 students now enrolled, CUSD has advanced two spots from last year, reflecting the district’s steadfast commitment to educational excellence and community values.

This achievement is not merely about numbers. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Clovis—a town where the community comes together to nurture the next generation. While Fresno Unified retains its position as the third largest district in the state, Clovis Unified’s growth is particularly noteworthy against the backdrop of its smaller size and close-knit town.

At the heart of this growth is the people’s active involvement, the recent adoption of a new attendance map by the Governing Board on April 17, set to take effect in August 2025, is a prime example of this engagement.

This map was not just drawn up by officials behind closed doors; it was crafted with the input of hundreds of parents and community members who attended meetings, submitted comments, and held discussions with district leaders. This collaborative spirit ensures that the changes reflect the community’s needs and concerns.

The opening of the new Terry P. Bradley Educational Center in 2025 will be a cornerstone of these changes. The center will house grades 7 through 9, creating a fresh space for learning and growth while balancing enrollment across the district. The goals are clear: to maximize existing school capacities and delay the need for new schools until absolutely necessary, all while maintaining the integrity and cohesion of neighborhood schools.

In an area that values tradition and high standards, these changes might seem daunting. However, Superintendent Corrine Folmer, Ed.D., reassures families, stating, “We know boundary changes are hard and can cause stress, but I want to reassure our Clovis Unified families that all our schools are special. Our educational team holds tightly to our district values around high standards and having a contagious school spirit which is found at every one of our schools and areas.”

This expansion is not just about accommodating more students; it’s about enhancing the quality of education and life skills. The district’s commitment to high standards is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities for academics, performing arts, and athletics. With science labs equipped with the latest technology, concert halls designed for superior acoustics, and athletic facilities that rival professional venues, CUSD is sending a clear message: the students of Clovis are valued and supported in their journey toward greatness.

The district’s success is also bolstered by a dedicated team of over 6,000 employees, all working together to make a positive impact on students every day. This includes not only teachers but also bus drivers, librarians, and cafeteria workers—all essential parts of the educational team.

In addition, Clovis Unified emphasizes the importance of co-curricular activities, which foster discipline, creativity, teamwork, and competition. With three out of four students participating in clubs, band, sports, or drama, the district provides ample opportunities for personal growth and achievement. The accolades earned by students, from performing at Carnegie Hall to winning state championships, are a testament to the district’s comprehensive approach to education.

Clovis Unified’s success is also a reflection of the strong partnership with the community. This collaboration is evident in the maintenance of school facilities, which remain open and bustling with activity well past school hours. Whether it’s hosting district events or accommodating external requests from local groups, the district’s campuses are vibrant hubs of activity.

As Clovis continues to grow, it remains grounded in its core values. The district’s approach ensures that even as it expands, the community’s voice is heard, and its needs are met. For residents of Clovis, this growth is a source of pride—a testament to the town’s enduring spirit and commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for future generations.

For more details on the new attendance boundaries and how they might affect your family, visit the CUSD website or contact Student Services and School Attendance at 559-327-9200.