Clovis Senior Center hosts ‘Moving Sale’ in anticipation of future move

The Clovis Senior Activity Center is hosting a Welcome Back Celebration on Thursday, July 1. (Clovis Senior Activity Center)

September 11, 2023 – The Clovis Senior Center normally hosts a few rummage sales a year, but on Saturday August 26th, one of those rummage sales was also named a “Moving Sale” as they plan to move to their new Senior Center site in the near future.

This “Moving Sale” would help with general service costs that are always included with every rummage sale the center hosts according to Amy Hance, General Services Manager. 

The sale itself seemed to be a success as inside the Clovis Senior Center’s walls, plenty of the Clovis public searched through boxes and tables of donations and other items that had been sitting in the Senior Center for months. 

Recreation Specialist and leader of the moving sale, Mai Kou Yang says the sale hopefully can help clear out some of the items held at the Senior Center in accordance with their future move. 

“We’re in the transition of moving to the new building, so we’re having this rummage and moving sale to hopefully clean out some of the items that we have here and get ready for our move.”

Some of those items included large furniture such as chairs or tables, items that Yang says, “We had a lot of office items, donated items, shoes, clothing and furniture. We had quite a bit of traffic this morning that helped clear out a lot of our items.”

Still unsure on the future of the move, Yang claims that there may be another “moving sale” in the future to help facilitate their move to the new Senior Center.

She also says that certain and specific items are available in the lobby of the current Senior Center that are for purchase now and pickup at a later date, as they are still using those items until the move. 

“At our new building we’ll have a whole lot more events there, we’re excited. We don’t have an opening date as of this point, but when we do we’ll be able to announce that and we’re excited for that.”

Including the rummage sales or in this case the “moving sale”, Yang and the rest of the Clovis Senior Center hopes to continue these certain activities in the future even after they transition into the new building. That transition, still to come, looks to host even more events especially in proximity to the Old Town trail. 

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