Clovis Senior Activity Center host annual Rummage Sale

Photo courtesy of Clovis Senior Activity Center

There are many things to look forward to at the Clovis Senior Center, but the rummage sale might be one of the most exciting events of the year.

It’s a way for members of the Senior Center to work in a collaborative environment while also bringing the community together.

The event, which took place on Thursday, Nov. 3, ran from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., had plenty of patrons ready to find hidden treasures for a bargain of a price.

Clothes, books and electronics were just some of the stuff available to purchase. There was also a silent auction with items such as an electronic roomba and gift baskets. In addition, some seniors were managing the food cart, which sold hot dogs, donuts and drinks.

The rummage sale runs twice a year, early spring and early fall. Donations are given to the Clovis Senior Center, where members then sort through different items and categorize them before getting them ready for the big day.

It’s one of the most fun events of the year according to recertification specialist Mai Kou Yang.

“It really gets them involved and engaged,” Yang said. “This also gives them a reason to come out, check out the facility, check out what different programs we have, and also meet some new friends.”

Seniors like Bonnie Audas, who is an active member in the community, really enjoy seeing the community come out and embrace the “Clovis Way of Life.”

“There people are so proud of being in Clovis,” Audas said. “You get to meet and interact with so many new people. This is always an amazing place to spend your time around.”

Along with donations provided from the community, the Senior Center also allowed people to set up their own shop. Mary Adams set up her own shop that consisted of handmade novelty items. With the holidays around the corner, she spent the past couple of weeks making Christmas themed items.

“It’s nice to just be able to come out and share my creations,” she said. “I do it for fun, but it’s so satisfying when people decide to buy my work.”

The Clovis Senior Center is always looking for volunteers to help, Yang said.

“Our doors are always open, we always need volunteers,” she said.


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