Clovis Police Arrests Two for Robbery and Assault of Pregnant Woman

Clovis Police have arrested two men suspected of robbing a pregnant woman last week.

On March 18, Clovis Police responded to a woman claiming that her purse was stolen after being kicked in the stomach at a gas station on Nees and Willow Ave.

The suspects have been identified as 41-year-old Joey Tyler and 43-year-old Jose Garcia of Fresno. 

Police used the citywide camera network to find the license plate and description of the car. The vehicle was reported stolen less than an hour before the robbery in the city of Fresno. The police were also able to obtain additional evidence thanks to the victim’s credit and debit cards being used.

When Tyler was arrested, he was still in possession of the stolen car as well as one of the victim’s credit cards. 

Both men have been booked into Fresno County Jail for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. Tyler is also currently on parole for another robbery of a woman back in 2013. He was also charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and for violating his parole terms.

The victim and her unborn baby were treated and released from the hospital and are now resting at home.