Clovis PD and Midas Offering Catalytic Converter Protection

Clovis PD and Midas of Clovis is partnering up to help prevent catalytic converter thefts. (twenty20photos)

As catalytic converter thefts continue to be an issue in Clovis, the Clovis Police Department and Midas Clovis are collaborating on theft prevention.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, recyclers will pay between $50 to $250 for a catalytic converter. And in a CBS News report in May, metals scrapped from newer hybrid cars can value between $800 to $1,500.

Protective parking habits can be vital to preventing catalytic converter theft. Residents should park in well-lit areas, surveillance areas, or a garage.

Extra measures can also be taken, including attaching anti-theft devices to the converter.
License plate numbers or vehicle identification numbers (VIN) can also be engraved on the catalytic converter.

Engraving is a service that Midas Clovis will offer by appointment at the Old Town Clovis location.

This service is part of a complimentary vehicle inspection. However, the store says some fees may apply depending on the accessibility of the converter.

Those interested can schedule an appointment by calling (559) 324-2800. Midas Clovis is located at 704 Clovis ave.

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