Clovis Museum hosts new Kids at the Museum event

Children play marbles at the Kids at the Museum event. (Photo by Alex Scott)

The Clovis Museum hosted its second Kids At The Museum event on Wednesday where kids of all ages were encouraged to experience fun without using electronics. 

The museum provided a wide selection of games and toys for the children to play with and take home, with each room in the building having a station with an assigned game. The Veterans Room had a station where the children could learn how to play Jacks, the Heritage Room had a station for No Twin Nim, and the main room had stations for Pick up Sticks, Marbles, and Tiddly Wink.

In the Heritage Room, children in attendance were also given the chance to make their own spool tractor and race them. 

“I wanted to come up with a way to get more kids involved in the museum,” said Beth Christensen, Clovis Museum President. “It’s a way to teach them about old Clovis and what life was like back then by giving them hands-on experience.”

Children play games at the Kids at the Museum event hosted by the Clovis Museum. (Photo by Alex Scott.)

This was the first summer the museum hosted a Kids At The Museum program, with there being two sessions this summer. The first session focused on arts and crafts where kids had the chance to learn spinning and weaving. 

The Clovis Museum opened in 1987 and displays pictures and artifacts from various time periods throughout the town’s history. Exhibits include the original portion of the 1893 Fresno Flume and Irrigation, which brought lumber and water from Shaver Lake, 1903-1965 graduation pictures of Clovis High School students and school annuals for those years, and a Clovis Veterans display of WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Desert Wars.

“I think it’s [the museum] a great place to come and learn about the town we live in,” said Christensen. 

For more information on the museum and upcoming events contact the Clovis Museum at (559) 297-8033 or visit their website at

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