Clovis Fire Department purchases LUCAS Chest Compression System

Photo Clovis Fire Department fb

December 30, 2023 – In the latest development in life saving technology, the Clovis Fire Department has purchased the LUCAS Chest Compression system, a mechanical chest compression device.

This device allows for mechanical chest compressions at a length of time that can surpass normal length manual chest compressions. 

According to the LUCAS Chest Compression System website, the device is an easy to use device that helps lifesaving teams deliver high-quality, guideline consistent chest compressions.

Both in the field and in the hospital, the LUCAS device can help sudden cardiac arrest patients at a moment’s notice. 

“The LUCAS device has been shown to improve quality of chest compressions, increase ETCO2 levels as well as being able to sustain life-saving circulation during prolonged resuscitation attempts,” according to the LUCAS website. 

The Clovis Fire Department said in a statement on Facebook, “Traditionally, when a patient is in cardiac arrest, manual chest compressions are provided by a firefighter on scene. After long periods of time, personnel can fatigue which can reduce the effectiveness of chest compressions. Now, with the LUCAS device, chest compressions are perfect, consistent, and un-interrupted throughout the entirety of the incident.” 

These periods of time can go on for up to 9 hours at a time, where it may be extremely difficult to continue manual chest compressions. With the LUCAS device, fatigue, individual variations or psychological factors are removed from CPR and there is no longer a need for switching CPR providers. 

The Clovis Fire Department continued, “[This] means a significant increase in survivability rates for those who suffer a cardiac arrest when using the LUCAS Device. Studies show that with the LUCAS Device, there is a 60% increase in blood flow to the brain versus manual CPR and greater than 99% of survivors have good neurological outcomes.”

Clovis Fire was able to purchase the LUCAS device with the support of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program (AFG). The cost of the LUCAS Chest Compression System can reach upwards of $20,000. 

Clovis Fire finished their statement by saying, “The Clovis Fire Department is proud to serve our community and we strive each day to improve the service we provide. The LUCAS Device allows us to do just that. Your safety is always our number one priority.”

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