‘Clovis Donuts’ forced to close after being vandalized

Clovis Donuts will be out of business for upwards of two weeks due to vandalism that has caused a power outage. (Photo taken from Clovis Donuts’ Facebook page)

April 17, 2023 – Clovis Donuts, the donut shop located off of Fowler and Ashlan Avenues in Clovis was vandalized sometime during the night of April 13th.

Upon discovery of the vandalism on Friday April 14th, Clovis Donuts was forced to close its business to the public as electricity became an issue.

Thieves stole parts of a circuit breaker running electricity to Clovis Donuts that now disallows any electric current to be run to the building.

The parts stolen were upwards of four to five thousand dollars each, and Clovis Donuts say that two parts were stolen.

Dy Hen of Clovis Donuts suspects that the burglary was conducted by a professional electrician, as the panel that these specific parts were stolen from was “hard to open”.

Clovis Donuts has been in contact with Pacific Gas & Electric and says that PG&E believes that several other buildings in the area have been targets of the same attacks.

“This was definitely a targeted crime,” says Dy Hen.

Clovis Donuts will shut down for an uncertain amount of time, but hopes to be back to business within 1-2 weeks. They are also unsure about what this loss of income will do to their business.

On a Facebook post, it was recommended that a generator be brought in to keep the business going, but Clovis Donuts believes that is up to the discretion of the landlord. They also believe that even if a generator is brought in, it will still be a lot of work to get back to business.

“It turns into a matter of finding the parts,” says Dy Hen, referencing the original parts stolen from this small business. “I just hope we will be able to make it back when we get the power back on.”

Clovis Donuts apologizes for the inconvenience and asks for the public’s prayers and understanding during this difficult time.

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