Clovis Community College Giving Back to Students in More Ways Than One

Clovis Community College is giving back to their students during this holiday season.

Tuesday, Nov. 23, Clovis Community handed out food from the Crush Food Pantry and gift cards to students currently enrolled. The giveaway was held at the campus on Herndon and Peach. The first 50 students to stop by the campus received the $50 grocery store gift cards. The school also handed out holiday chicken meals for Thanksgiving.

Director of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Babb expressed how much the students mean to the faculty and staff.

“We are thankful for our students,” Babb said. “We want to offer this holiday gift so they can enjoy a delicious meal on Thanksgiving.”

Students can drive up to the stand or walk up to the food stand. For some, it was a generous gift. For others, it was something more.

Student Alec Tchouboukjian expressed gratitude to the school for helping him as Thanksgiving approaches.

“It feels great having the support of the community, you know, it always helps us reinsure that position of stability,” Tchouboukjian said. “Especially in times like this. I’m actually unemployed so all this food will go to a good cause and I’m happy I have something to rely on.”

Tchouboukjian also explained how things like this make him happy to attend Clovis Community and all the amenities the school offers.

Clovis Community College will also be hosting their fifth annual Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30. The event is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of the people and organizations to help transform communities.

The donations help contribute to amenities such as Clovis Crush Student Scholarships and the Crush Food Pantry. Since 2017, the college has received over $180,000 for student scholarships and other student programs.

Clovis looks to achieve the goal of $25,000. Clovis Community College encourages those in the community to contribute whatever they can afford this year. As of now, the school is at $19,660.

If you would like to contribute to Giving Tuesday, you can visit the website at

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