Clovis City Clerk Karey Cha to Leave City Position

Karey Cha was appointed as the new City Clerk at the City Council meeting on Sept. 20, 2021. Cha worked as the Deputy City Clerk for the last six years. (City of Clovis)

February 12, 2024 – Mayor Lynne Ashbeck of the Clovis City Council announced to the public at the beginning of the February 5th City Council meeting that City Clerk Karey Cha would be leaving her position as of Thursday February 15th.

“I’d like to take the moment to let you all know that it is with a very heavy heart, but a very hopeful heart for her next step, is that Karey Cha is leaving the City of Clovis.”

Ashbeck then mentioned that Cha started as an intern with the City of Clovis and projected that Cha was on the right track to be the City Manager of the City of Clovis in the next “decade”.

“She has done a lot, she’s incredibly talented, and she’s made a tremendous impact on our city and I think with John (Holt) and Andy (Haussler) in the City Manager’s Office,” said Ashbeck.

Cha is set to move to Colorado with family and plans to do work in that area. City Manager John Holt said in the City Manager comments that the council would “..have no idea how much I’m gonna miss her. Karey has been here for eight years and has been an incredible asset. When the pandemic hit, we were back in the 90’s technology wise and she stepped in and did incredible things. She’s done apt and incredible things in our office. Replacing her is going to be very difficult and I want to personally thank Karey for all that you’ve done for the organization. Selfishly, you’re gonna be missed.”

Mayor Pro-Tem Vong Mouanoutoua stated that not only did Cha diversify the city but helped Clovis socially in a way that others before her couldn’t have.

“You brought diversity with competence, and that’s what we’ve always wanted.”

When speaking about students in CUSD, Mouanoutoua said because of Cha’s lead, “We show students the opportunities and careers that are available for them.”

He finished his sentiment by saying, “In our community you would be looked at as a pioneer, a trailblazer.”

Ashbeck concluded her initial statement by stating, “Everything you did was always first class and you will really, really, really, really be missed…We wanted to honor you publicly here tonight in the Council Chambers and thank you on behalf of everybody that lives here…You kept all of us on track and kept us from filing late, and we will really miss you and just want to thank you publicly for everything you’ve done for the city.”

Cha is set to leave the City of Clovis on Thursday February 15th.

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