Clovis Business Pioneers: Jackson Jewelers

L-R: Bruce Jackson, Miranda, Susan, and Ralph. (Photo courtesy of Ron Sundquist)

For nearly 30 years, Jackson Jewelers has been a mainstay of the Clovis business community.

Just ask anyone about Jackson Jewelers in Old Town Clovis and you will hear nearly everyone has at some time strolled by their store and window shopped. Most have had them repair their jewelry, had a watch battery replaced, or a unique engagement ring created.

Those who haven’t yet had a personal experience shopping at Jackson Jewelers still know about the jeweler, Bruce Jackson. Many in Clovis have noticed his sparkling contributions to local fundraising events.

The goal for Jackson is to make sure the customer is happy while walking out the door.

“We’ve always pushed and try really hard to make sure everyone’s happy,” Jackson said. “When our customers come in, we make sure they are happy when they leave and they’re smiling when they walk out the door. All we can do is try.”

Jackson got his start in the jewelry business back in 1969. He worked for the long-tenured Edmonds Jewelers in Fresno. His time there spanned over 20 years.

Once Jackson left Edmonds, he ventured on opening his own jewelry business and found the original Jackson Jewelers location near Old Town Clovis. From there, Jackson made it a goal for himself to get involved in the community.

“We have nothing but the greatest customers here,” Jackson said. “There are so many nice people in this town.”

After spending a decade at the original location, Jackson moved his current location in Old Town Clovis. Where he has been for over 20 years, totaling a time of 32 years of representing Clovis.

With Jackson spending such a long time in the Clovis community, he has seen new generations of customers come into his business. Jackson believes this is one of the most fantastic things he gets to do as a jeweler.

“Some of our customers will come in and say ‘oh, my dad and mom used to come in here’ and we’ll go ‘oh, who are they?’ And then we hear the name and we’ll go we know those people,” Jackson said.

Jackson doesn’t see himself quitting anytime soon. He hopes to stay as a prominent figure in the community.

Jackson Jewelry is located in Old Town on the corner of Fifth and Pollasky.