City of Clovis Awards 15% Raise to Transit Bus Drivers

Stacey Leggett (left) and Christina Ignas (right) are both full time Bus Drivers for the City of Clovis. They are also both on their respective Union’s bargaining team that negotiated a 15% raise for the city’s bus drivers and 21% raise over the next three years. (Photo JT Gomez, Clovis

The City of Clovis recently awarded a 15% raise to its transit bus drivers for this year and approved what will become a 21% wage increase over the next three years to its full time bus drivers.

An item was passed at the latest City Council meeting which awarded a 5% wage increase over the fiscal year for 2022-2023 for the city’s transit bus drivers.

It was also listed that there would be 3% increases over the next two fiscal years.

However, in speaking with Chief Negotiator for Operating Engineers Local 3 Union Allen Dunbar, the raise actually amounts to a 15% raise for full time employees.

From a comparison of wages throughout the Central Valley, Dunbar and his team were able to see that the transit drivers were behind 7% in comparative wages.

When the City of Clovis realized this, they acted by negotiating a raise with the Union.

According to Dunbar, Clovis wanted to raise pay 3% above the median.

In addition to this, the transit bus drivers were found to be indeed 7% behind in terms of comparative wages throughout the Valley.

On top of this now 10% wage increase, the additional 5% was then added through the 5% wage increase passed at Monday’s City Council meeting, rounding out to a 15% wage increase for the bus drivers.

With another 6% additional raise over the next two years, full time bus drivers will receive a 21% wage increase over the next three years.

The joint labor management committee will continue to discuss with the city topics surrounding scheduling and breaks with the new William H. Harry Armstrong Transit Center opening up seemingly next year.

“Clovis is setting the pace for bus drivers,” explained Dunbar as he spoke about his satisfaction with both the deal and the way his Union and the City negotiated the deal. “The City of Clovis stepped up and said ‘We wanna keep our bus drivers. We don’t want them going anywhere.’” Dunbar went on, “And we bargained in good faith. Both sides negotiated in good faith, and we also only did it in five meetings which is unheard of.”

Stacey Leggett, full time bus driver and a member of the Union Bargaining Team described this deal as, “The best contract I have ever been a part of.” Leggett went on, “I’m proud of what the City of Clovis and my Union have done for me and my full time co-workers.”

Finally, Dunbar described the fact that the City of Clovis also agreed to pay up to $4000 per employee who worked during the Covid-19 pandemic. Full time workers will start to get paid with their new wage increase beginning July 15th. .

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