Chad McCollum, Economic Development, Housing and Communications Director City of Clovis

Chad McCollum
Economic Development, Housing and Communications Director
City of Clovis

June 3, 2024 – My name is Chad McCollum and I am the Economic Development Director for the City of Clovis.

I have the unique opportunity to meet with individuals and groups seeking to open businesses in our city. Some of these business owners have been down this road before, and don’t need much assistance. Others need more support. They are first-time business owners or have recently relocated to Clovis. The job of my Economic Development team, and other staff members throughout the city, is to assist these business owners, giving them the tools necessary to be successful.

The City of Clovis is home to more than 4,500 registered businesses. Some are your family’s favorites. Others, you have not heard of yet.

Each need your support to be successful.

A successful business in the City of Clovis provides a place for residents to shop or dine, somewhere high school students can apply and work at their first job and provides an income for the owners or investors of the business.

It’s summertime and many of us are preparing for a trip or two out of town. But for those of us sticking closer to home, why not try exploring the City of Clovis through the eyes (and wallets) of a visitor?  Our local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. They’re the ones putting in the hard work, pouring their hearts into what they do, and making our city the awesome place it is. So, why not show them some love?

Nearly every street in Clovis has a business you can choose to support, but below, I wanted to focus on four major retail districts in the City of Clovis where business owners are investing their time, efforts, and capital.  I would encourage you to explore our city this summer, try something new, and know that when you spend money in Clovis, we all win.

Old Town Clovis

Picture small town America, surrounded by all the amenities of a growing city. That’s what you get when you visit Old Town Clovis. Buildings, some more than a hundred years old, showing off their exposed brick and unique architecture. Families walking through picturesque streets during one of the many events held in the area. Multiple coffee shops and restaurants line the streets, along with “Mom and Pop” businesses, some which have been in Old Town for decades.

Shaw Avenue

Long established as a commercial corridor, you can find pretty much anything you need on Shaw Avenue. Hop in your car and just explore. Home improvement, entertainment, dining options and more can all be found on this well-traveled street, beginning at Willow Avenue and stretching east, all the way into Loma Vista. The City of Clovis is currently spending time and efforts to determine how to maintain the current commercial opportunities on Shaw Avenue, while exploring what needs to be done to provide opportunities for businesses to succeed well into the future.

Loma Vista

There is a saying in Economic Development that retail follows rooftops. This adage is coming true in the Loma Vista area of Clovis. Thousands of families have relocated into the southeastern portion of the City over the past twenty years. Now, that the neighborhoods are becoming established, the commercial centers are now being built to serve the needs of all those new and relocated residents.

The Loma Vista Marketplace and other commercial centers coming to Loma Vista will surely be welcome by those living in the area. If you don’t live in Loma Vista, I would encourage you to visit. Check out the new Loma Vista Village Green park, which is set to open in July. Swing by Shaw and Leonard and support the businesses which have either recently opened or will be soon.

Heritage Grove

While there isn’t much in the way of development in this area yet, just wait! Homes, retail, office space, restaurants, and more will be coming to the Heritage Grove growth area in the coming years. Located north of Shepherd Ave. and east of Willow Ave, Heritage Grove is where the next phase of growth will be taking place in Clovis. City staff has spent years planning for the growth which is expected to take place. Their job is to make sure development is orderly, well planned, and a success for those who choose to live and work in the area.

If you know of a business looking to relocate to Clovis, or an existing business in need of support, Your City of Clovis Economic Development Team is here to help! Contact us at