Celebration of Educational Success: CCC President’s Annual Luncheon

President of Clovis Community College, Dr. Kim E. Armstrong (Photo Jess Gonzalez, Clovis Roundup)

Jess Gonzalez

March 6, 2024 — Smiles were everywhere inside the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building as Clovis Community College (CCC) celebrated its annual President’s Luncheon on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

But it went beyond being the President’s luncheon. It was a celebration of educational success, merited recognition, much more—a feel-good time for students, teachers, administrators, and the community.

The event not only highlighted student achievement, but it also pinpointed how such success was accomplished and displayed the systems that help all students reach their educational and career goals.

Whether students want to transfer to a four-year school, complete their associate degree or attain their career certificate that will allow them to enter the workforce fully prepared—the school is there to accommodate them.

Meet the President

The person of the hour was Dr. Kim E. Armstrong, the college’s third president—a lady with a smart and witty way of expressing herself and getting her point across.  She possesses a contagious smile that she passes on to everyone she meets. She had everyone smiling that day!

With a large contingent of dignitaries present, including Clovis City Mayor Lynne Ashbeck, the luncheon effectively used a “show and tell” type format that had administrators, teachers and students taking turns presenting their achievements in the various fields of education that are taught at the college. To say the least, there some very impressive reports.

President Armstrong opened by saying “We truly believe on our mission of ‘Creating opportunities – One student at a time’.” She then spoke about a full slate of awards and recognitions Clovis Community College has received recently.

A special recognition

Addressing a full house at the expansive hall, the Dr. Armstrong stated she was especially proud of her school having been named a 2023 Equity Champion of Higher Education based on the number of associate degrees for Transfer earned by Latinex and Black students. She stated Clovis Community College is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

In an interview with the Clovis Roundup, Dr. Armstrong stated she was “very happy being at Clovis Community College where the community is very passionate about education; it’s a very welcoming environment that is dedicated to improving and growing.” She placed special emphasis on the tutorship programs that are helping many students to not only pass their courses, but also to achieve the highest grades.

The story of another president

One such student is Jeremiah Lopez, a Buchanan High School graduate. Speaking before the large and diversified gathering, Jeremiah described how he thought he was doing good in his studies. However, when grades were passed out, he was shocked to see that his efforts did reflect the effort he had put into them. So, he sought help from tutors. Not only did he better learn his courses, but he also learned how to study! His grades shot up. Jeremiah is the Associated Student Government president.

Meet the ILOs

Describing all that goes on in her school, Dr. Armstrong alluded to the importance of the ILOs—Institutional Learning Outcomes. She described them as attributes and skills that each student will attain upon completing a degree or certificate from Clovis Community College.

So, what are the ILOs? 1. Communication and literacy;  2. Critical thinking; 3. Global awareness; and 4. Personal responsibility and professional development. Those steps to success can work for students and for citizens of the world.

Not all President’s Luncheons are the same

The President’s Luncheon had something for everyone. Did we mention the study of frozen matter in space?  Or about the many outstanding performances and triumphs of Crush athletes in the sports fields? They were all there. So was the clothing store that helps students and others to dress well!

Amid the many reports of achievement, expressions of admiration, laughter, and applause for the many who achieved outstanding performances at Clovis Community College, the event had an easiness about it that made all in attendance feel good and welcomed.  There’s no doubt the diversity, equity, and inclusion Dr. Armstrong promotes was present and working at the Memorial Building for the President’s Luncheon!