Buchanan High student arrested for school shooting threat

Buchanan student Kyle Dwelle was investigated for threatening students and later arrested. Provided by Clovis PD

Clovis Police arrested 18-year-old Buchanan High School student Kyle Dwelle Monday after he reportedly made threats toward students.

Clovis Police and Clovis Unified Police began an investigation after receiving a tip late in the afternoon, and later arrested Dwelle without incident. The Buchanan senior was booked into the Fresno County Jail on two counts of criminal threats of death or great bodily injury.

“In the City of Clovis, any type of threat that we receive will be investigated thoroughly and treated seriously,” Clovis PD stated in a news release. “Our officers will do everything in our power to track down social media, or other threats to their source, and will aggressively pursue charges against anyone threatening the safety of our community.”

Buchanan High School administration notified parents and staff of the arrest, and reiterated the serious consequences facing anyone who makes threats to the safety of students or schools.

Clovis PD and Clovis Unified will have an increased presence on all school campuses for the rest of the week.

CUSD Superintendent Eimear O’Farrell encourages anyone who becomes aware of concerning statements or online posts to make an immediate report to law enforcement.