Basilwood Farm, a local treasure in the foothills

Photo Destiny De La Cruz, Clovis Roundup

November 14, 2023 – Jill Spruance is the Owner & Chief Visionary Officer of Basilwood Farms, located in the foothills on Morgan Canyon Road, just below Prather. 

It all started when Jill Spruance decided that she didn’t want to own acres of land that didn’t serve a purpose. “I thought, you know, it should be working for us,” said Spruance.

“I originally bought two goats for our personal dairy use, and I built a huge vegetable garden,” she said.

“Started milking the goats for liquid milk, cheese, yogurt—all of our dairy uses. Then, I had extra milk. So, I started looking for other things to do with it, because when you milk goats, you do not want to pour that milk down the drain.”

Then, she discovered you could make soap with it. Jill Spruance researched the goat milk soap-making process for 6 months before trying to make a batch.

Once she made some soap and started using it, she and her husband immediately noticed the difference in their skin. Store bought soap did clean, but her skin was left feeling dry, tight, and itchy. With their handmade goat milk soap, their skin was clean and distinctly moisturized.

That’s when she realized that this could be a product. “We started with the soap, and that became successful,” said Spruance. “Largely due to the support of this community.”

When asked what her favorite part about the business is, she responded with “Just being creative,”

“I like the soap making, but I also like the marketing, and I like customer service, and I like displays, and I like set up, I like gardening—all of it.”

“I guess you could call me a creative that just uses the business as my outlet,” said Spruance. 

After meeting Jill and seeing the farm and store, it’s abundantly clear that she is a creative through-and-through. The best kind of creative at that—she adds unique and meaningful value to her community. What Jill Spruance and her team have built at Basilwood Farm is an inspiration.

“I always look at how we can change it or make it better—change it for the better. Not just change for change’s sake,” said Jill.

In reference to owning and raising goats, Spruance said “They’re a crack-up. They are totally a crack-up. They’re really smart. They are entertaining, to say the least.”

“I didn’t grow up on a farm, my husband grew up in the bay area,” said Spruance.

They made the decision to move away from the city and to the foothills in hopes to alleviate some of work-related stress. They’ve been at the property now for nearly three decades.

The Spruance family’s story is a demonstration that you can pave your own path and build the life you want for your family.

“All of this came about over time.”

In addition to the Basilwood Farm Store, they also offer tours, field trips, and workshops. 

You can purchase their goat milk products or learn more about how and when to visit on their website,

Their next pop-up is their Christmas Market, and it will take place on December 2nd, from 10am to 3pm at their farm. 

As stated on their website:

Go the Way of the Goat…

  • Climb high
  • Spread joy
  • Take the path less traveled
  • Only butt heads when necessary
  • Hop till you drop
  • Stay curious
Destiny De La Cruz is a budding journalist with a passion for photojournalism. As a Fresno State alumni, she earned a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication & Journalism, the Film & Media Arts option with a minor in Anthropology. She has an interest in all things film, food, literature & outdoors.