April 2024: Clovis Property Crime Statistics

May 14, 2024 – Below is information regarding property crimes in Clovis for March 2024. These statistics are as of May 14, 2024, and it’s important to note that they may change slightly as reports continue to come in from the prior month.
CPD needs you to call when you’re the victim of a crime to report it. Any leads will be followed up on when possible, and these crime statistics will be used to allocate patrol officers and resources.
Please remember to lock your doors, set your alarms, and call CPD immediately if you see something suspicious! Typically CPD will see an increase in mail theft during winter months due to tax season. Please check your mail daily.
Remember that a neighbor’s surveillance camera may have recorded the suspect of a crime. Communicate with your neighbors, and make a police report when crimes occur. If CPD knows what crime is occurring in your neighborhoods, they are more prepared to combat it.
Crime Prevention Tips:
-Use motion sensor outdoor lighting or keep driveway lights on at night.
-Always lock your doors & roll your windows up.
-When parking at night, park in well-lit areas.
-Call us immediately when you see a crime in progress at 911.
-Get info on creating a Clovis Community Watch neighborhood in your area if one is not organized already. Get info here:
Crimes Explained:
-A residential burglary occurs when someone enters a home to commit a crime, such as stealing property. Doors do not have to be locked even though we recommend it at all times for your safety. This is a felony.
-A vehicle burglary occurs when someone breaks into a locked vehicle, with their windows rolled up, and steals property. This is a felony.
-A theft from an unlocked vehicle is just that – Either a door is unlocked or a window is rolled down enough for someone to steal something without having to force their way inside. This is a misdemeanor if less than $950 worth of items are stolen. It’s a felony if more than $950 worth of items is stolen.
-A theft of vehicle parts includes catalytic converters, tailgates, license plates, and other similar parts on the outside of the vehicle.
April 2024:
Residential Burglaries: 5
Vehicle Burglaries: 23
Theft from Unlocked Vehicles: 19
Thefts of Vehicle Parts: 4
How do they compare?
March 2024 (Last month):
Residential Burglaries: 7
Vehicle Burglaries: 23
Theft from Unlocked Vehicles: 10
Thefts of Vehicle Parts: 3
April 2023 (Last year):
Residential Burglaries: 7
Vehicle Burglaries: 13
Theft from Unlocked Vehicles: 11
Thefts of Vehicle Parts: 12
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