Appointments to Personnel and Planning Commissions made official

May 4, 2023 – During Monday night’s council meeting Jerry Brady and Joe Hebert were appointed to the Personnel and Planning Commissions, respectively.

Jerry Brady will serve a four-year term on the Personnel Commission and will be serving a reappointment as he had served previously in the same position.

Joe Hebert, now serving on the Planning Commission had run for City Council in the November 2022 election, having lost to Council members Matt Basgall, Diane Pearce, and Drew Bessinger who led the appointment finding.

“We had eleven very good citizens come forward…In this particular appointment there was a lot of community interest which was very heartening in the process.”

Council member Diane Pearce stated that she had concerns about Hebert’s appointment citing his work for the City of Madera and how their views on housing, planning and development don’t align.

The vote to approve each was passed 4-1 with a dissenting vote coming from Council member Pearce.

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