A New Home for a Local Veteran

The City of Clovis and the Greater Fresno Area of the Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) surprised a local veteran family on Wednesday afternoon, Dec 8th.

In the spirit of the season, the Delgados were presented with a gift bag from Habitat. 

When the Delgados pulled out their gift and unwrapped the tissue paper, they were surprised to read on the framed certificate that they had been selected for the new Habitat home.

The Delgados are a family of six. Roman Delgado, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and his wife Myra have four children that range from 5 to 17 years of age. Roman works full time as a service manager technician. 

The family is currently living in a small 2-bedroom apartment for which they pay $1,050 in rent. They live in an area where their children aren’t able to play outside.

The new home is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath with 1,258 square feet of living space for the family. This is twice the size of where they’re currently living. The home is also outfitted with solar panels, energy efficient appliances, and a large backyard. 

The home is located on the corner of 4th Street and Sunnyside Avenue. This is the fourth home Habitat has built in this neighborhood in partnership with the City of Clovis. This is the second home built exclusively for a veteran family. 

The land for these two veterans’ homes was donated by the City of Clovis. This land is special to Mayor Jose Flores since he grew up on it. 

When he was only four years old, Flores’s family moved to the same property where the Delgados will be living and raising their five year old son. The mayor spoke about how important it is to help give local veterans an affordable place to stay, especially on property he grew up on.

“I know my parents are up in heaven rejoicing with that fact that these two homes next door to each other, their property, will go to people who served our country and sacrificed,” Flores said. “Their young families will enjoy this place here in Clovis. Take advantage of the great community that we are and the great education for their children.”

Habitat is a non-profit organization. Their goal is to build a partnership with families that display a need, the ability to pay a mortgage, and a willingness to partner up in the construction of their homes. 

This partnership allows community supporters to join future homeowners in the building process by providing financial and in-kind support for construction supplies and materials.

Since 1985, Habitat has been associated with the City of Clovis among others in Fresno County.

CEO of Habitat, Ashley Hedemann, discussed the impact the City of Clovis has had since becoming partners 36 years ago.

“This is actually our 27th home we’ve built in partnership with the City of Clovis and we’re very grateful for that opportunity,” Hedemann said. “So I think it’s important that [Delgado family] understand that this is a committee, organization, and a community that’s dedicated to supporting its residents. This is just another example of a great way that Clovis continues to do that.”

To help keep the monthly costs as low as possible, the City of Clovis is also providing $86,000 in down payment assistance. 

The children are just as overwhelmed as their parents to have a new home. Most of all, they’re excited about being able to go outside and play.

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