A new dream piano for the new Clovis Senior Activity Center

(Photo courtesy of Peggy Bridges)

On Saturday, September 2nd, the Clovis Senior Activity Center held a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

The idea for the fundraiser was formulated by piano enthusiast and Senior Activity Center attendee, Peggy Bridges.

Peggy Bridges wanted to raise funds to purchase a new Grand Piano for the future home of the Clovis Senior Activity Center.

Clovis Kiwanis provided the Pancake Breakfast, and the center ended up selling 200 tickets for the fundraiser.

They raised almost $20,000 with the help of fundraiser attendees, and a couple very generous anonymous donors.

“It was a wonderful event and it turned out so well. I had a lot of really good help—my family helped, people [at the Clovis Senior Activity Center] helped, all my friends… It was wonderful,” said Bridges.

Here’s the kicker—just days before the piano fundraiser, a private citizen donated an absolutely stunning grand piano. And not just any piano, it’s a world-renowned Steinway.

Our congratulations to Peggy Bridges and the Clovis Senior Activity Center for achieving this dream. And thank you to everyone who donated!

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