A Message from Jay Schengel, City of Clovis Finance Director & Treasurer

September 20, 2023 – Clovis officially became a city on February 27, 1912 and on May 2, 1912 the first $300 was received for saloon licenses.

From those first tax receipts in 1912, Clovis has had a treasurer to over see the finances of the City. Floyd W. Redford was the first person to hold the position in 1912.

One hundred and eleven years later, I hold the position and have been blessed to serve the City of Clovis for almost eighteen years within the Finance Department currently serving as the Finance Director & Treasurer.

The roles and responsibilities of the Finance Director & Treasurer position have evolved over the last one hundred and eleven years, but the core mission has always been to safeguard the assets and the resources of the City and provide support to the citizens, elected officials and City staff.

The Finance Department is staffed by twenty-one hard working team members. We are responsible for maintaining our financial accounting system, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, utility billing and collection, business license administration, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, banking and investments, and debt issuance and administration.

The Finance Department strives for excellence in all that we do and this is reflected in the awards we’ve received from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

We’ve received the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the last twenty-nine years, along with their Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for our Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports the last thirty-four years.

Next year will bring the largest change in decades to our thirty-eight thousand utility customers. A new utility billing system is currently being implemented that will modernize how we interact with our customers going forward.

Paperless billing solutions will be available that our legacy system could not provide but many of our customers have asked for. For customers that prefer electronic communications, utility bills can be sent by email or text.

Paper billing will still be available for customers that want to do business as they do today. Electronic payment options will be enhanced by including choices such as pay by text.

Utility customers will be able to handle most of their utility needs online if they prefer or for the customers that want do business in person or over the phone, we are here for you.

The one constant in life is change and I am excited for this change to better serve our utility customers and the residents and businesses of Clovis.

The City’s 2023-24 recommended budget of $330.8 million was approved in June 2023.

Annually, the City’s recommended budget is introduced to City Council in May for consideration and adopted by City Council in June.

I highly encourage our Citizens to come be a part of the annual budget process and participate at our City Council meetings.

Working for Clovis is the most rewarding career choice I have ever made, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. The long-standing culture of excellence of the organization and the collaboration of our employees to find solutions to the challenges facing the City and its citizens make it a pleasure to come into work every day.

Clovis and its “Way of Life” is special, and I am very fortunate to be part of it.