$2.4 Million Donated to Clovis Community Cancer Institute

February 9, 2023: 2.4 million dollars were donated by Chris and Michelle Morse to the Clovis Community Cancer Institute on Thursday in a ceremony that took place outside the Clovis Community Medical Center hospital.

“The reason we wanted to donate back to CCI and the Community Center Institute was to be able to bring new cutting edge technology and treatment plans to patients here in Central California,” stated Chris Morse, a cancer survivor himself.

Morse survived a bout with stage-four throat cancer last year as a patient of the CCI. According to The Business Journal’s Alex Scott, his father, who had lung cancer, unfortunately passed away from the disease in 2017.

“With this money that Michelle and I are donating, it will allow many more patients to stay right here in their own backyard to get treatment.”

Michelle, Chris’ wife, disclosed that Morse upon diagnosis was not having any trouble with swallowing, eating, or losing weight. Thankfully for the Morse family, the cancer survivor was “seeing a nutritionist and swallow expert” from day one with the help of CCI.

At the outset of the creation of the Clovis Community Medical Center, the hospital did not have a single venue for treating cancer patients.

With the creation of the CCI, patients then no longer had to travel to different locations for services such as radiation.

Filling this void became beneficial both “medically and socially” for cancer patients according to Smithgroup, engineers of the 2018 constructed building.

Morse hopes that with this substantial donation, patients will now also “..be able to go home after their treatment and be with their support group or their support system.”

Katie Zenovich, CEO of the Community Medical Foundation believes in the importance of having top cancer care in the Valley.

“They [Chris and Michelle Morse] understand how important it is to be a donor and investor in it [the CCI] so it can help other people and provide the best care right here at home.”

With this latest donation the CCI hopes to bring further cancer treatments as well as continue to “rival” centers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area according to the Clovis Community Medical Center website.

As Central California’s comprehensive cancer care center, this $2.4 million donation hopes to aid in that assistance.