Faces of Clovis: Sierra Lopez, student at Clovis Community College

ROAD TO CLOVIS: Sierra Lopez is a sophomore at Clovis Community College, she recently transferred to CCC from Old Dominion University in Virginia.

FAMILY: “I come from a Mexican-American culture. I have family in Texas, Alabama, here and everywhere really, but this is my home now. [Having family in various places] is fun. Ever since I was little, I would go on flights by myself to visit my mom in Alabama. I love traveling.”

PLACE OF BIRTH: Fresno, California

FIRST JOB: “[I worked] at the YMCA in Texas. I was a child-watch counselor. It was fun and a good experience.”

MAJOR: “My major is biology, I want to emphasize in neuroscience. My sister was diagnosed with MS [multiple sclerosis] about a year ago so I want to help her more in that aspect of it, really understand it and see if we can advance any of the research because there is no cure right now. It’s really hard seeing her go through this, but that’s why I’m [studying] biology.

OCCUPATION: “I actually work in the nurse’s office here as a student aid for federal work study. I volunteer at Lincoln Elementary in downtown Fresno, so I do that weekly and I volunteer for Be The Match, a marrow donor registry for blood cancer patients. I organized the registry drive [at CCC] and I also want to start a Be The Match club on campus this fall.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “Buñuelos,” a traditional mexican fried dessert often served during the holidays.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: “‘The Vampire Diaries.’ I watched all of the [seasons] like 10 times, it’s addicting.”

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: ‘Graceling’ by Kristin Cashore. “It’s the only science-fiction book that I actually read, all the other ones are non-fiction. It has romance in it and magic.”

HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “I garden. Sunflowers are my favorite, my lavenders just sprouted and I’m planting azaleas, which are these very pretty bushes of flowers.”

INTERESTING FACT: “I was born and raised here [in Fresno]. My junior year of high school I moved to Texas and finished high school there.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS COMMUNITY COLLEGE: “It’s really welcoming. I feel like it’s focused around God, and I really like that.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS: “The Starbucks at Sierra Vista Mall is where I [like to] study because it’s calmer and friendlier there.”