Shaver Lake Fishing Report

With the recent plant of quality rainbows by Department of Fish & Wildlife, families like Todd Donnell’s are having a ball catching nice rainbows before returning to school. (Photo courtesy of Dick’s Fishing Charters)

By Dick Nichols, Dick’s Fishing Charters

After a roller-coaster two weeks, one day chicken and the next feathers, Department of Fish & Wildlife sent us a big truckload of very nice ¾-pounder trout. The results, 36 fish in four hours on two charters – unbelievable action. We had hook ups on five poles at once.

So, as I write, Shaver fishing is hot. I think it will be good for a couple weeks and then dwindle down. The other good news is that the lake has about crested, meaning the trout may stop feeding on insects that have been trapped in the water as it rises.

There are some quality yearling trout out there and I think they will hit through September. Fishing must be showing signs of greatness as I am booked almost into September. It has been a long season. All normally would be winding down with school starting, but is not, because it is
hot! Fishing that is! The trophy trout planted by the Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Project are still there. We got one on the day of this writing. They are so beautiful.

The kokanee fishing is mostly good. Some very good size kokes are normal on most trips, but the average is 13 to 14 inches. The trout are hitting Trout Busters, tipped with crawler behind Mountain Flashers at 22 feet. The downriggers are catching trout at 28 feet with Koke busters tipped with corn behind CJ Dodgers. Sierra Marina and the dam are the hot spots at this writing.

Kokanee fishing has been so-so. I think five kokes in a morning trip are the norm. Now that the trout plant has occurred and the yearling trout are running out of insects, I think we will do pretty good for the rest of the season. As always, expect roller-coaster fishing. One day can be good and the next slower. None of the days have been bad this year. So, as the lake reaches its maximum, come and enjoy the fishing and a great day on the lake.

Bank fishing as we write is good. Because of the plant mostly, but also because of the crest of the lake’s surface. Roads 1 and 2 are the best locations right now. With a nice dirt road to the lake edge and trees providing cool cover, it is a very desirable place to spend a day.

Throw in a picnic table and a barbecue, how much better can it be. Powerbait on a slip sinker should provide you with some fish. For trophy-sized trout I would recommend a trip to the tunnel area in the back of the lake. Yep, Powerbait or crawlers drifted from a drifting boat has produced some very good trophies this week.

So, before school is back, take the kids for one more attempt for fish and a fun day on the lake. Probably much cooler than the valley. The marinas are open with rental fishing boats and pontoon boats. Just call them for reservations. Until next time, let’s hope this report is duplicated with words of great success. Text me at 559-281-6948 or email at for anything you may need. Thanks for reading the Shaver report in the best paper in the Clovis area, the Roundup!

Dick Nichols
Dick Nichols has been with us since the beginning. With decades of experience, he writes and provide insights about the Shaver Lake fishing game.