Get Fit Clovis makes comeback

The Get Fit Clovis team takes a group photo after a morning workout at Railroad Park in 2016. (Get Fit Clovis)

Get Fit Clovis is back and better than ever.

The fitness movement, operated and funded by the Clovis Roundup, is essentially there for those who are interested in wanting to become part of a healthier lifestyle while coming together in the community. This isn’t about subscribing or needing to be a certain size or age, this is about connecting, promoting positive lifestyle changes, being resourceful and gaining accurate information from nutritionists and fitness experts within our community.

“You won’t ever hear us shame anyone for eating something ‘bad,’” said Get Fit Clovis founder Caitie Reeg. “We advocate the ‘everything in moderation’ lifestyle. You can eat what you like, just pay attention to the proper portion size.”

GFC wants to become a part of your aspirations to get fit. Let’s face it, any life change can be challenging and intimidating, but with the right support you can learn to inspire one another and win the battle inside you. The group strives to incorporate all dimensions of wellness when it comes to being fit.

This year, GFC will be at the third annual Clovis Trail Fest held May 5 with a booth at Railroad Park. It is the perfect opportunity to get involved with Get Fit Clovis as well as a diversity of fitness groups and local businesses that will be there to encourage and support the community to get fit with demonstrations, tips and recipes. People from all walks of life are invited.

City of Clovis volunteers will be handing out Get Fit Clovis wristbands to keep a head count, and GFC will be offering a chance at winning some neat prizes like T-shirts, collapsible water bottles and treats for fur babies, too.

Get Fit Clovis will meet the first Saturday of every month at Dry Creek Park as a way to help you stay consistent, stay informed and possibly try something you’ve never tried before. Reeg and her team want to provide the community tips on the different ways to stay fit, and support your health and fitness aspirations.

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