Fresno County Microtransit Feasibility Study Workshop

August 17, 2023 – The Fresno Council of Governments (COG) held a virtual workshop to discuss their Microtransit Feasibility Study.

In addition to members of the Fresno Council of Government, there were representatives from VRPA Technologies (a comprehensive transportation consulting service), and Via Transportation (a TransitTech company).

Members of the project team include: Cathal O’Gorman (Project Director, Via), David Perlmutter (Project Manager, Via), Georgiena Vivian (Public Engagement Lead, VRPA), and Nicky Althoff (Project Analyst, Via).

The goals of the virtual workshop were to hear about the challenges attendees have with public transportation, to learn more about Microtransit and how it could work in Fresno County, and to hear attendee’s thoughts on Microtransit.

During the workshop, the question of “What is microtransit?” was clearly and concisely answered:

  • Microtransit is a flexible, accessible, on-demand public transportation service available to all.
  • Book trips on demand or in advance using a mobile app or by calling a dispatcher, and a vehicle picks you up near your location.
  • Pickup wait time usually 10-25 minutes.
  • You may travel anywhere within the service zone or community.
  • Service is low cost, so you only pay a regular bus fare (e.g., $1-5 for shorter trips and $10-20 for longer distance trips).
  • Rides are shared with other passengers traveling in the same direction.

Whether or not Fresno County will proceed with Microtransit services is undecided.

When asked what will determine if Fresno County decides to proceed with the microtransit services, Deputy Director Robert Phipps from Fresno COG said, “The results of the study [will determine if we proceed with microtransit services].”

This feasibility study is to see whether there is enough rider interest and also financial viability for Microtransit services in Fresno County. 

This project started in April and will continue on through Fall.

For more information, or to take the survey—visit and click on the Transit Microgrid Feasibility Study link.

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