Escaped Arrestee Facing Additional Charges After Being Caught

July 21, just before noon, a Clovis PD jail officer arrived at Fresno County Jail, transporting two arrestees from separate cases.

Due to construction in the area, the secure sally port was not able to be used so the jail officer parked on the street close to the entrance.

Sometime during transport, 29-year-old Jerry Hayes had repositioned his hands while handcuffed behind his back, to in front of him.

The jail officer made the decision to not uncuff Hayes on a public sidewalk and began walking both arrestees into the sally port to be booked.

Hayes was able to escape and ran away, still handcuffed in front.

The jail officer stayed with the other arrestee who was cooperative.

Clovis PD officers along with officers from Fresno Police Departmentand Fresno County Sheriff’s Officeresponded immediately to the downtown Fresno area and searched for Hayes.

About 2 hours later, a Clovis PD Officer located Hayes near Church/99.

Officers were able to detain Hayes but not before he kicked one of the CPD officers multiple times.

Hayes has been booked into the Fresno County Jail for his original charges of felony domestic violence and probation violation.

He has also been charged with felony battery on a peace officer, and escaping custody.

CPD would like to thank allied agencies for their assistance with locating Hayes and taking him back into custody, and for the eagle eye of our officer.

The Clovis PD officer who was kicked is doing well.

Due to California law, CPD was unable to post a booking photo of Hayes.