Clovis West, Fort Washington Elementary in lock down

UPDATE:  2:56 P.M.

February 3, 2023: This is an important message to our Fort Washington families with an update about our plans for today’s end of day release.

After assurance from Fresno Police Department that it was safe to do so, our school lockdown was lifted, and we have been approved to do a monitored release of students through our front office.

Parents picking children up from school should come to the front office for pickup. Traffic exiting our campus will be directed to do so by driving south on Millbrook.

At this time, if your student walks home they will not be released without supervision of a parent/guardian.

There is no afterschool athletics. Please contact our office to make pick up arrangements if necessary.

Special Education buses will be operating as scheduled, and Campus Club is also continuing on shelter in place.

For more information about our school safety procedures and resources to talk with your child about today’s lockdown, please visit our parent safety website.

Safety Alert:

Today at approximately 2:15 p.m., we placed Clovis West High School on lockdown at the direction of Fresno PD in order for officers to investigate a phone call received by one of their substations that appeared to threaten campus safety.

We have officers on campus investigating and inspecting the facility to ensure students are safe and that no credible threat exists to our schools.

Our safety protocols are being followed and students are indoors to ensure their safety until the conclusion of the investigation.

Parents are being informed using our auto notification system that allows messages to go out within minutes. We appreciate the support from Fresno Police Department to ensure our campus remains secure.

Fort Washington Elementary is across the street from Clovis West and is also in lockdown to ensure students are safely in buildings while the police activity occurs across the street.

If this lockdown continues and impacts the release of students at the end of the school day we will adjust accordingly.

Kelly Avants, APR

Chief Communications Officer

Clovis Unified School District