Max Headroom performs in front of a lively crowd as part of Sierra Vista Mall’s Rock the Mall concert series on June 29, 2017. (Photo by Ron Sundquist/Clovis Roundup)

Readership: 110,000 per month

Key City:  Clovis, CA

Other Areas: Fresno, Northfork, Auberry, Prather, Sanger, Tollhouse, Shaver Lake, and Wishon

Target Audience: Business Owners and Consumers in the Clovis and Foothill areas.

Clovis Roundup Publishing

Clovis Roundup is the premier local market, business-to-business, and consumer based custom publicationin the Clovis area. Clovis Roundup provides strategically focused, locally relevant, and deeply engaging content to its target audience. Clovis Roundup seeks to provide its readers with a sense of strong community ties through historical education, while building community pride and involvement with information on local events and strengthening business relationships by giving local business owners a face and a name connected to the Clovis community.

Clovis Roundup Custom Publishing

Custom publishing is a form of marketing that involves an editorial product. The content of that editorial supports the marketing and communication objectives of the underwriter. Custom publishing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing and is one of the most significant growth sectors of publishing today.  It’s a preferred method for more sophisticated marketers to reach a desired and defined target audience. Custom publishing differs from advertorial in that the content is not a one-sided, ad-based message. Rather, a sponsored article in Clovis Roundup delivers the unique opportunity to deliver a relevant, engaging message to Clovis consumers in a manner that will deliver credible information to the reader and accountability to your marketing investment.