City of Clovis Honors Marjaree Mason Center for 10 Years in Clovis

August 8, 2023 – The Marjaree Mason Center was present at the Clovis City Council meeting Monday night in order to be celebrated for their 10 years of service in the community of Clovis.

It was 10 years ago that the Marjaree Mason Center opened its safe house in Clovis, and in those 10 years they have supported and empowered adults and children affected by domestic violence.

Mayor Ashbeck stated, “As we said when we opened the Marjaree Mason Center safe house in Clovis, it’s always a shame we need that, but it’s a blessing that we have it.”

In a video presented by the Marjaree Mason Center, Clovis Police Chief Curt Fleming reflected, “We really wanted to increase our partnership and grow and develop our relationship with the Marjaree Mason Center even further.”

Marjaree Mason was kidnapped, raped and beaten once by her eventual murderer, Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy Robert Tillman.

Before the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office could begin an investigation into the incident, Tillman once again kidnapped and assaulted Marjaree, ultimately leading to her death.

This incident galvanized the Fresno community to ensure that no one would suffer the same fate due to domestic violence, and in 1979, the Marjaree Mason Center was born.

In 2013, a safe house was built in Clovis in partnership with Granville homes.

Mayor Ashbeck finished the presentation thanking representatives from the Marjaree Mason Center saying, “Your work is very important,” and “We’re gonna keep working until it’s [domestic violence] zero.”

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