Chad McCollum Economic Development, Housing and Communications Director City of Clovis

Chad McCollum
Economic Development, Housing and Communications Director
City of Clovis

July 31, 2023 – Take a moment to think of your favorite restaurant. What makes it so special?

Maybe it’s that item on the menu you order each time, even though you keep insisting you are going to try something new.

Or perhaps it’s the friendly service and familiar faces; how everyone knows your name and the names of your kids and dog.

Whatever the reason, you keep going back.

Now, think about why your “go to” grocery store, gas station, or coffee shop also ended up as your favorites.

As you ponder, let me introduce myself.

My name is Chad McCollum and I am the Economic Development, Housing and Communications Director for the City of Clovis.

One of my most important responsibilities, and the job of my City of Clovis Economic Development team, is to support our Clovis businesses. They’re the backbone of this community. They literally invest in our city and make The Clovis Way of Life possible. We spend our time, energy, and resources to make sure our business community stays healthy by focusing on the following:

  • Support existing businesses
    • Each existing business is important to us. They have chosen to invest in Clovis and we will do everything possible to support them. Sometimes it’s as simple as a quick pop-in to say hello and learn about their short and long term goals. Or, they could be facing a particular challenge and need our assistance. Either way, we will do anything we can to ensure they are successful.
  • Support businesses expansion
    • When a Clovis business is successful, they will sometimes outgrow their current location. This is a great problem to have! These businesses need to expand their footprint by moving into a larger commercial space, or perhaps they will want to open a second location. Our Economic Development team assists in the process of helping businesses find the perfect location to fit their needs, and work with them as they make their move.
  • Support businesses looking to open in, or relocate to, the City of Clovis
    • We love hearing that a new business is looking to open or relocate to the City of Clovis. Sometimes it’s a brand-new business which wants to call Clovis home. Or perhaps it’s a business relocating from out of state or outside the region. We are happy to work with these new businesses to make their experience smooth and simple. Opening a business can be challenging and we walk these businesses through the process, every step of the way.

So why do we work so hard to help Clovis businesses succeed?

Every time a business, large or small, chooses to invest in Clovis- some pretty amazing things happen.

  • Skilled laborers are employed to either construct a new building or rehab an existing structure.
  • The area in which they choose to locate their business is revitalized and energized.
  • Jobs are created. This provides opportunities for Clovis residents; our neighbors, family and friends, to work where they live.
  • Tax revenue is generated, which supports our police and fire departments, maintenance of our parks and trails, and so much more.
  • Residents have a place to shop, dine and play- which is what a community is all about.

Clovis would not be the same without our “mom & pop” businesses, franchise owners, big box stores, multi-generational business owners, medical offices, shopping centers, and of course, all the shops in our beloved Old Town.

Now think again about your favorite restaurant or business. Have you been there recently?

I would encourage you to make plans to pay them a visit, to choose to spend your money in Clovis when possible, and to thank the owners of our Clovis businesses – large and small- for their investment in our community!

If you are looking to open a new business in Clovis, relocate to our community, or expand your footprint- please reach out!

Remember, we work for you.