California Republican Candidate Larry Elder Holds Rally in Clovis

California Republican candidate Larry Elder stopped in Clovis to hold a rally in which nearly 1,000 people came to support. (Alexis Victoria Govea/Clovis Roundup)

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder recently made a visit to the Central Valley. The campaign rally was held at Clovis North High School on Sunday, Aug. 22.

He began by joking with the crowd stating that he’s only been a politician for five weeks and asked everyone how’s he doing as people in the audience cheered for him.

Elder is running in the election to recall California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

During his time in the Central Valley, he brought up stories pertaining to his family upbringings, systemic racism, housing, water shortages as well as the vaccinations & mask mandates.

“I don’t drink coffee — I drink tea and when I become governor, assuming there are still mandates for vaccines and mandates for face masks, they will be repealed before my first cup of tea,” said Elder followed by a standing ovation.

Elder also talked about his stance on school choice. Clovis resident, Amber Castro is in support of Elder and believes he will make a change.

“We are really interested in school choice. We are tired of having our children masked, and we don’t want the vaccine mandates. We want to be able to choose,” said Castro. “We believe that everybody should have a right to choose for themselves. It’s OK if you want it and it’s OK if you don’t — you should have the right to choose.”

Another Clovis resident who attended the rally, Karina Palmore who works in the medical field, said what she likes about Elder is that he’s not a politician.

“He’s a well known person who knows about the problems of California. He’s a resident of California,” said Palmore. “And I participate in the recall because we don’t agree with what Gavin Newsom is doing to our state.”

Palmore went on to say that there’s no more freedom.

At the campaign rally, Elder also talked about family values and how both his father and mother have had an impact on his life.

“I’m out here to support Larry and the message that he’s bringing about bringing family back — bringing back the rights of Americans to have the right to choose whether they’re gonna get vaccinated, have the right to choose whether they’re gonna wear a mask,” said Longtime Clovis resident, Cary Weigant. “Bringing back the family values is especially why I’m out here. I support Larry’s family values, and that’s why I came out.”

Weigant’s thoughts on the message he gave at the campaign rally: I thought it was fantastic. I thought he did a good job in setting his platform. I definitely support him. I see where we failed as Californians to see what’s going on, and to hold our governor accountable for what has happened. Larry is going to bring that to the forefront and I came out here to support that.

Elder stated in his campaign rally that Governor Newsom is gonna be recalled on September 14th. Followed by a big round of applause and a standing ovation with a little over one thousand people in attendance.

Alexis Govea is proud to be from the Central Valley. She graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication & journalism and a minor in Spanish. She has that Bulldog spirit deep in her heart. Go 'Dogs! Alexis is happy to be a part of the Clovis Roundup and is excited to tell the stories of many people here in the valley along with other story pieces pertaining to the community. Alexis also works for the Fresno State Athletics Department and is a local on-air personality for Q97.1 radio.