UPDATE: Walmart Safe After Bomb Scare

After last week’s bomb threat at the Walmart on Herndon and Clovis Avenues, Clovis Police Department officials say the investigation is still ongoing, but community members are able to shop at the store once again.

Walmart management, the Clovis PD and the Fresno Police Department in conjunction with emergency personnel were on sight after the unsubstantiated bomb threat.

“A little bit before 2 p.m. we got a call from the manager of Walmart who had advised that they had received a bomb threat. Somebody had threatened to bring a device inside the store and they were outside threatening to blow up the store,” Sgt. John Willow said. “So, when Walmart called us to report that, they automatically started their own evacuation and decided that it would be better if they emptied their store.”

Walmart officials safely and swiftly evacuated the customers within the store, limiting the potential of danger, but also allowing the first responders the ability to assess the situation quickly. 

“I don’t know exactly what they said when they made their announcement to evacuate the store, but whatever they said was perfect because everyone came out calm, orderly and they entered their cars and left the parking lot – it was rather smooth,” Willow said. 

Law enforcement from Clovis, including an explosive-ordnance officer and four K-9 units from the Fresno PD came and assisted in the search of the store. Measures were also taken to keep the other businesses safe as law enforcement closed off the four corners around the Walmart parking lot.

“It was nice to have Fresno PD respond and assist us. They had their K-9’s that day that are trained for explosive-ordnance detection, so we contacted them and they were graceful enough to lend us all four of their dogs to help clear out the building,” Willow said. “It still took about an hour and a half to clear the building using the K-9’s.” 

Law enforcement also made sure the vehicles were out of the area and all unattended vehicles were checked out and accounted for.  

The investigation is still ongoing. 

“We’re following up on leads to see where this may have originated from and to see if we can track down the suspect. So, it’s not over in regards to the investigation part,” Willow said. 

If anyone sees a suspicious package or an unidentified object, please contact the Clovis PD at (559) 324-2800.