Two People Rescued After Driving into a Ditch

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Two people called 911 for help in the early morning hours after driving into a deep ditch in a construction zone on Wednesday, July 28.

The collision happened just before 1 a.m. when a Toyota Camry crashed into a 15 to 20-foot ditch on the side of the road near Ashlan Avenue between Leonard and Highland Avenues. 

After receiving a 911 call, the Clovis Police Department was first on the scene, with the Clovis Fire Department and American Ambulance arriving shortly after.

Emergency workers were able to assist in removing the occupants by helping them crawl out of the vehicle and ditch.

Clovis PD says the driver and passenger received moderate injuries and were transported to the hospital.

A towing company removed the vehicle from the ditch, and the accident is now under investigation by Clovis PD.

Clovis PD says the construction zone and ditch were properly marked with signage and temporary fencing.