How social (media savvy) are you?

Creating engagement on social media pages is crucial. But what do you do to find out if things are working or not?

Analytics is the answer.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all offer their own analytics pages in which you can evaluate and determine things such as engagement, impressions, likes, shares and more.

Analytics are to be analyzed. It does no good to look at analytics and be happy seeing numbers, even if they are large numbers. Whether it’d be reach, impressions or anything else, one must evaluate what caused that specific post to obtain such high attention.

Evaluating what is working and identifying what can be improved is important; it is the best way to successfully determine what your audience likes to see and how they would like it to be presented to them.

Once you are able to identify what caused specific posts to have a larger analytics number it is important to find the best ways to apply that to future post.

For example, if you tried Facebook Live for the first time at an event that your organizations attended or hosted and it obtained more attention than majority of your other posts, you might what to consider doing the same for future events of that nature.

Always analyze, evaluate and readjust to the things that work best for your audience.