Sierra National Forest issues Winter Travel Safety Alert

Clovis, CA, February 23, 2023 – With the latest inclement weather inbound to the Sierra NF and expanded region, the Sierra National Forest encourages visitors’ and residents to exercise extreme caution when traveling through the Forest.

Wind and snow accumulation increases the risk of trees falling, both those that have experienced recent tree mortality as well as green trees.

These falling trees can impact roadways, picnic areas, trails and camping spots and parking areas.

Forest Service, County, State and private crews continue to work very hard to mitigate tree hazards across the Forest, as well as address damage from previous storms.

The following tips should be followed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of a trip to your National Forest:

  • Keep informed on the latest weather conditions, particularly predictions of strong winds and heavy snow.
  • Consider postponing your trip until conditions have stabilized.
  • Carry snow/ice chains and pack a winter survival kit with water, food, blankets, and collapsible shovel.
  • Be mindful of rapidly changing road conditions; washouts can and have occurred on a moment’s notice.
  • Be aware that trees can fall behind you potentially blocking your exit route; research alternate routes that are available.
  • Let family/friends know your travel plans and expected return time. Cell phone coverage is limited across the Forest.

Forest Supervisor Dean Gould states “Our top priority is the safety of forest visitors, residents, and employees.

When traveling on the Forest, please travel at a speed safe for the conditions – you never know what’s around a blind curve; there might be rocks, debris, or a tree in the middle of the road.

Until this latest weather system has passes, please limit travel on the Forest to only that which is truly essential”.

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