Scam Alert: Costco’s $75 coupon is a Scam

An image of Costco giving away a $75 voucher has been circulating social media this week. To receive the voucher, users are to click the link on the post, take a survey, and share the post to their social media.

Costco has since released a statement on their facebook account, “this offer is a SCAM”.

Last year, the same scam circulated through social media with the same offering of $75 in celebration of Costco’s anniversary. The big box retailer’s website does have tips on identifying if an online offer is real or a fraud. For more information, go to

Another similar scam that is being circulated is Phillip Morris International’s tobacco company, Marlboro. The fraudulent post instructs users to share their post in order to receive 10 cigarette cartons from the tobacco company in celebration of their anniversary.

A statement regarding the hoax has yet to be released from Phillip Morris International.

It is highly recommended for social media users to not fall victim to online scams.

Phone scams are also still a threat. Do not interact with unknown callers or give any personal information over the phone. In a recent incident in October, a 91-year-old Clovis woman was a victim of a phone scam. A con-artist impersonating the victim’s grandson scammed the woman out of $70,000 by stating he was in some sort of trouble.

Please do research. Legitimate offers should come directly from the company’s social media or website. To validate online offers, users should contact the company directly and verify. If the offer is indeed a hoax, the company can address and build awareness.

By clicking an unverified link and filling out surveys, users are making themselves vulnerable to identity theft and more.