Residents show concerns about parks

Clovis residents expressed concerns about local parks at the Clovis City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.

One Clovis resident who lives next to Mickey Cox Elementary School said there are no parks in the area.

The resident said the city has forgotten about the older neighborhoods in Clovis.

“I live next to Mickey Cox Elementary School,” she said. “There’s no neighborhood park anywhere around there.”

She added that there’s only an empty land in the area that’s for sale. Her hope is to see the city use the empty land for a park.

“There’s an empty lot of land there for sale between Polson and Herndon,” she said. “If you could somehow use the land for a neighborhood park, that’s the perfect spot for a little neighborhood park over there.”

Another resident also showed concern about the city’s park situation.

“All of you are so proud to open your new dog park, you have forgotten the residents over on the east side of Clovis that have pets,” she said. “I’m sure their pets would like to have a park of their own.”

The resident added that she’s surprised parents in the area haven’t asked the city council to consider a sidewalk for the students walking to school, to Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East.

“It’s a very unsafe situation early in the morning and after school for the kids to have to walk in dirt fields or on the street because of traffic,” she said.

According to the Clovis resident, a friend sent her an email in which the city of Clovis said they could not do sidewalks because nobody has bought the lot.

“You’re so proud of collecting the new residents’ tax money,” she said. “I believe all this building that’s being built is all about money. You’re destroying your beautiful city of Clovis.”

The resident hopes the city will soon address the concerns.

“Let’s build the parks bigger for the residents that are going to be around,” she said. “And I would like to to make the sidewalk safer for Clovis East and Reyburn students.”

Tomas Kassahun
Tomas has been with us since 2016. His willingness to always step up to the plate and his diversity in reporting is what makes him special to us. Whether it is sports, city council meetings, board meetings, profiles, or breaking news - this guy can do it all.