Property Proposition Sparks Controversy

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The Clovis City Council was at a divide, but by majority vote denied the allowance of a new property to be built.

Monday evening’s weekly meeting ended with some controversy when it came to the general plan of a new complex that was to be located on Second Street between Osmun and Baron Avenues.

The complex was to consist of two buildings that were three stories high, containing a total of 40 units. Each unit would be two bedroom and two bath that measured about 1,100 square feet. Each unit would have their own sets of parking stalls to accommodate the two bedroom residence to ensure no extra cars were overcrowding the property and streets around it. 

Although this project seemed to be a good use for the property that was purchased, not everyone was thrilled about what the project entailed. The property owners had two meetings with residents of the neighborhood that surrounded the property.

It was clear that the neighbors weren’t in agreement with this project. It was brought to the attention of the council that at the latest neighborhood meeting on Sunday, Nov. 7th, heated words were exchanged between the applicant and some of the neighbors in attendance. 

When given the opportunity to give public comments to the council about this project, the neighbors at the latest meeting made sure their voices were heard. 

One neighbor who did not disclose her name stated that the applicant “Became somebody completely different. When he didn’t know how to answer the questions we had, he became defensive.”

Another resident in the neighborhood, Robin DeFalco gave her insight on the property.

“I think we’re all in agreement that a two story [unit] would be better suited,” DeFalco said. “I think that the three story is just out of place for Old Town.”

When given the time to give their outlooks on the proposition, the council was split between if they wanted to pass the property ideas or not. Councilmember Bob Whalen gave his thoughts on why the council shouldn’t pass the proposition.

“My position has been that a general plan is to a large degree an agreement with the community and if it’s going to be changed then the community needs to be on board,” Whalen said. “Here, I think efforts were made to try to accommodate the community but for whatever reason the community that surrounds this area chose that it wasn’t enough. It sounds like it wasn’t enough because instead of going with two stories, the developer was insistent on the three stories.”

Councilmember Vong Mouanoutoua disagreed with Councilman Whalen and those who wanted to deny the proposition stating how the applicant did what the council asked when he last brought the project for approval.  

“I felt like the applicant gave a lot, completed the traffic study per the staff, and worked with staff to give as much as they can,” Mouanoutoua said. “That’s why I’m inclined to follow our last direction and decide accordingly.” 

The council ultimately voted three to two denying the request of the rezoning and redesignating the property to allow for this project to progress.

To view the entire council meeting, you can watch from either the City of Clovis YouTube page or visit the City of Clovis website and click on “Agendas”.  

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