Planning Commission Approves 217-Lot Development at Loma Vista

A rendering of the new Loma Vista urban community east of Clovis. (City of Clovis)

The City of Clovis Planning Commission unanimously approved plans for a 217-lot neighborhood on Wednesday, June 26. The development is yet another new project for the eastern portions of Clovis in the Loma Vista area. The plans still need to be approved by the City Council before development can begin, however.

The homes are set to be built on 34 acres of land southwest of Barstow Ave. and Leonard Ave. An additional 18 acres of land are included in the plans, but are not going to be developed on.

While Barstow Ave. and Leonard Ave is the nearest major intersection, the development is actually planned to be more inland. Homes are set to be built to the east of the Dog Creek Trail, near where it meets the Enterprise Trail.

A map designating the new 217-lot development location that was presented during the Clovis Planning Commission meeting on June 26, 2020. (Photo by Ryan Kish/Clovis Roundup)

The development is another example of eastward expansion for Clovis as developers continue to search out open spaces to build homes on.

The homes in the development will be capable of charging electric vehicles and include solar power. The neighborhood will not be gated.

A number of people who spoke in opposition to the plan thought that outreach by the developers to adjacent property owners was not sufficient enough.

Two property owners told the planning commission that meeting notices sent to them were not detailed enough, or did not arrive at all.

“I think that February meeting notice was misleading,” Larry Miller, a property owner adjacent to the development said.

“The very short notice we had for this development and the fact we haven’t all resolved all the issues would be cause to delay it for a month or two,” Miller said.

John Bonadelle, representing the applicant, said they have met frequently in-person and by phone with property owners. They also pointed to a number of concessions they have made including building only single-story homes along the property line to address privacy concerns.

Some residents were supportive of Bonadelle. One homeowner, Steven Lee, told the Commission that Bonadelle has “done a lot to appease what we need and we appreciate it.”

Another resident, Paul McKinnehy, told the Commission that Bonadelle had “gone out of his way to be helpful”.

Commissioner Mike Cunningham pointed to concessions like reducing the density from medium-high to medium, shields on street lamps, and adequate fencing as steps that Bonadelle had taken to meet the concerns of homeowners.

For those who were not satisfied with the outreach to homeowners, Cunningham told those in attendance that, “strictly by law, Mr. Bonadelle has exceeded [the requirements].”

Commissioner Alma Antuna was unable to attend the meeting due to a family-related emergency.

Ryan Kish
Ryan graduated from Buchanan High School in 2018 and is currently a student at Clovis Community College and plans to transfer to a four-year school to complete a degree in journalism or political science. Ryan was born in Pennsylvania, has lived in four states, and thinks the Yankees need to be more creative with the design of their batting practice hats.