‘Mr. Fitness’ juggles training and business

Peter Chanthavonsak. (Contributed)

Whether he’s working as a fitness trainer or a model or actor, Peter Chanthavongsak’s goal is to always stay moving.

Since the age of 10 when he became involved in martial arts and several other sports, Chanthavongsak learned that staying active is a way of life.

“I continue to do it because that’s my love,” Chanthavongsak said. “It gives me the drive. It gives me the lifestyle that keeps me going. I want to inspire the world through fitness and help people feel better about themselves.”

Chanthavongsak can be seen inspiring people at Playground Training Academy in Clovis, where he teaches kickboxing twice a week. Outside of his work at PTA, Chanthavongsak still takes time to train others who are interested in fitness.

Chanthavongsak first identifies the client’s goal, whether it’s to lose weight or get faster or get stronger. He then tries to find the best way to help them reach their goal.

Peter Chanthavonsak takes a swing on gymnastic rings inside the Playground Training Academy in Clovis. (Contributed)

“Being a trainer is difficult because you have to deal with all types of people,” Chanthavongsak said. “You have to be very patient because everybody works differently and everybody has different struggles.”

When Chanthavongsak isn’t busy with his clients, he focuses on his clothing line called “Mr. Fitness.” Although the clothing line was only launched recently, Chanthavongsak said he is already getting orders from all over the country.

“I had this idea for years, but I finally initiated it and it’s going well right now,” Chanthavongsak said. “I don’t plan on overnight success, it’s going to be years and years.”

Even with everything he juggles in life, Chanthavongsak says it’s not hard for him to find balance.

“I just make it a lifestyle,” he said. “Some people have to do things. I don’t have to do things. I want to do things. That’s why it’s so easy.”

Peter Chanthavongsak (left) with his Tuesday and Thursday class at the Playground Training Academy in Clovis. (Contributed)

As he tries to inspire others, Chanthavongsak often posts videos of his training and other projects on social media.

“I represent all-around fitness, not just one typical workout,” he said. “I know that I inspire so many people through my work and my videos.”

Chanthavongsak’s day usually begins pretty early and involves time for his workouts, as well as family.

“I take care of my mom and I do fitness and I go to work,” Chanthavongsak said. “On the weekend, I spend time with my son. It’s a repeat cycle.”

Chanthavongsak’s 10-year-old son has already shown his passion for fitness, but Chanthavongsak says he doesn’t want to push his son too much.

“I can only direct him,” Chanthavongsak said. “If he wants to do it, it’s up to him.”

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