Meet the Judges: The Clovis Cocktail Contest

L-R: Jody Jo, Moniqua Randolph, Heather Frantzich, and Shonna Halterman. PHOTOS CONTRIBUTED

For the first annual cocktail contest, The Clovis Roundup is delighted to introduce our enthusiastic, Clovis famous judges for the Judges’ Choice Cocktail Contest.

The Judges’ Choice Contest brings back each bartender’s signature cocktail entry featured on the passports for the People’s Choice Contest. Competing bartenders will present their signature cocktails to the judges, and the winner will be selected based on a point system. This event will take place at Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant on Sunday, Sept. 22 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Shonna Halterman

Coming from a long line of alcoholics and an Irish heritage, I was born to be a judge for the 2019 Clovis Roundup’s Clovis Cocktail Contest. While I’ve never been 86’d from an establishment, my years of rigorous training testing a variety of libations has prepared me for this challenging event. In support of the Clovis Senior Activity Center, bring on the cocktails! My Uber account is ready for my ride home. Cheers!

Jody Jo

I have been the morning show co-host on 93.7 Kiss Country for 9 years. I have been a Clovis girl most of my life. You might ask yourself, what qualifies me to judge an alcohol tasting…. let me tell you, Gnarley Charley has been giving me lessons on what to look for and how to taste alcohol in it’s true form. I’ve learned how to enjoy the flavors full bloom as I sip. I have been preparing since my 21st birthday, but nothing like the intense training Gnarley Charley has put me through in the last few weeks. I am rocky ready! (Cue rocky music)

Moni Randolph

Born in Santa Barbara, California. I graduated from Clovis High in 1999. I currently work at the Clovis Senior Activity Center, and have been an employee for the City of Clovis for 26 years. I truly love my job and the people that I interact with on a daily basis. My hobbies consist of coaching basketball, working out, spending time with my family and having yummy cocktails with my girlfriends. I am excited to be a part of the Clovis Roundup’s Clovis Cocktail Contest because a majority of the proceeds for this new event will be donated to the Clovis Senior Activity Center, which will allow our participants to partake in events/programs that will help them maintain an active and independent lifestyle. I am also excited to try some great cocktails from our local businesses who will be participating in this year’s event. I think what qualifies me to be a judge would be my personality, and the fact that I speak the truth. I am looking forward to meeting new people and being in a positive environment. I expect to have a good time and help make money for the Clovis Senior Activity Center, which I consider my second home. 

Heather Frantzich

I am a proud native of Clovis! I have a combined 20+ years in the television and radio industry. I am currently a Senior Account Executive at Cumulus Radio, which includes 93.7 Kiss Country, the best country station in the Valley! I was very honored to have been asked to judge the Clovis Cocktail Contest. I have been doing a lot of preparation to get ready for this prestigious event. For example, I have been going to the gym and have been focusing on bicep curls, so I can be strong enough to lift each drink I will be judging. In addition, I have been taking “Drinking 101” courses to educate myself on what to look for when I sample the drinks. During my intense training, with going to the gym and being a bookworm, I have found time to get professional advice from the man himself, Gnarley Charley. I can officially say that I am more than qualified to handle the responsibilities of being a “professional cocktail tester.” Cheers!