Measure C In Line for Renewal

Measure C Community meeting for measure C renewal shared information about what to expect from the measure if renewed on the Nov. 2022 ballot

An expenditure plan for Measure C has been designed and approved by a majority vote from the Fresno Council of Governments Policy Board.

This Measure C Expenditure Plan has been designed to “ensure locally controlled transportation funding that will fix local roads and provide greater investments in transit, air quality and new technologies for urban and rural communities across Fresno County.” 

Fresno County leaders have been proponents for Measure C since it was first passed by voters in 1986, and this new plan is the third transportation funding measure passed since that time.

With this passage, there will be the filling of potholes, repairing deteriorating neighborhood streets, reducing congestion, supporting transit services, and the providing of new sidewalks that will help children who walk to school arrive safely. 

The measure, titled Measure C 3 or MC3, also looks to invest in communities that have been historically overlooked in terms of transportation improvements. 

According to a Fresno County press release, over eighty local leaders from both urban and rural communities with “varied backgrounds, professions and interests” participated in the past eighteen months of work geared towards this renewal process.

In order to ensure the diversity across Fresno County, Mayors from each incorporated city in Fresno County as well as a member from the Fresno County Board of Supervisors helped to make up the Fresno COG Policy Board. 

On the Measure C Renewal website, a draft states that 51% of the total amount of funds that would be used would be used for “Local & Neighborhood Street Repair & Maintenance”.

Another 18% would be used for a term that the website provides as “Local Control”.

Next would be “Major Roads & Highways”, at 15% or roughly $997,713,440. There are plenty more funds to be allocated elsewhere, which you can find on 

Mayor Pro-Tem Lynne Ashbeck, who serves as Co-Chair of the Measure C Renewal Executive Committee says, “In this current renewal effort, our focus – supported by the input from nearly 10,000 residents, stakeholders, cities and the County – is on local neighborhoods to ensure we have a transportation system that supports a strong economy, creates local jobs and connects people with where they need to go, whether that be to work, to the doctor, to school or to the grocery store. The plan holds elected leaders accountable for investing the dollars as promised, includes a more effective Citizens Oversight committee, has built in opportunities for continued community engagement, and accounts for new technologies that we cannot even imagine today.”

The County of Fresno went on to state that they have confidence in their plan due to its shaping from priorities identified by residents of Fresno County over 18 months of research and community outreach. 

The next steps for the renewal plan include a July 20th consideration for adoption from the Fresno County Transportation Authority.

The plan then hopes to be presented to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors on August 9th for a final vote of approval, officially placing the Measure on the November 2022 ballot. 

Again, in addition to learning about what the Expenditure Plan intends to aim for or to learn more about the Measure C renewal process ,the Expenditure Plan itself, and any further implementing guidelines, please visit

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