Lunch on the Fringes (of Old Town Clovis that is) – The Craft House

Top: Mediterranean Chicken Tacos crafted by Matt. Bottom: Thai Shrimp Tacos crafted by Ashley. CLOVIS ROUNDUP FILE PHOTO

Just a short walk south of Fifth Street on Pollasky Avenue, you will find The Craft House – one of Clovis’ best kept secrets.

It is very true that we eat with our eyes. During The Craft House’s recent launch party, I saw a plate of tacos being served. The presentation was so appealing that I made a mental note to come back to try them. With tacos being one of my favorites, it was not long before I followed up on my note.

Myself, along with a nameless companion (whom I will only refer to as “The Duchess”), met for lunch. Every menu item sounded appetizing and it was difficult to choose from the many options, however, we decided on two of the menu’s taco choices. I ordered Thai Shrimp Tacos while “The Duchess” ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Tacos. Let me just state that as impossible as it may seem, they tasted even better than they looked.

The Craft House sports rustic Old Town décor with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs making their creations. The serve was very personable and the owner, Greg Wilson, even came to our table to visit. He inquired as to if we were satisfied with our meals. It was a little hard to answer with our mouths so full of flavor, but we managed to express our delight. He then told us about how his chefs are given the freedom to “craft” their own creations. It was every apparent how proud he is of his employees.

Let me conclude by saying how impressed I was with the experience and how very proud it made me feel to know that The Craft House is a first-class addition to our “New” Old Town. I am a customer for life and cannot wait to go back with “The Duchess” to try more of the other creations they offer.

Donna Melchor
Donna Melchor is the owner and publisher of the Clovis Roundup. Her love and passion for the City of Clovis and its people is the inspiration behind this publication. For her dedication, Donna Melchor has also been honored as the 2012 Business Woman of the Year and as the recipient of the 2014 Spirit of Clovis award held by the Clovis Hall of Fame.